Central Tech Gardens, Summer 2020

School is out, but we can all enjoy the gardens on the south and southwest sides of Central Tech. In Spring 2020, Susan Purvis and the teaching team from the Workplace Bound Program at Central Tech couldn’t meet with their students to work on the school gardens, so Ms Purvis looked after the gardens herself and took photos to show students in their remote-learning class time. We’re beneficiaries too.

Much thanks to Susan (a Harbord Village Gardener) for all her planting and tending as well as her generosity in sharing the photos with us. We are welcome to visit the gardens ourselves. Look for boxes and beds on the west side near Harbord, and more on the south side facing Harbord, and watch for seasonal changes.

The display below is one of the sets on the Harbord Village Gardeners’ Photo page.

NOTE: This slide show starts with a wealth of orange “Canadian Liberator” tulips, named for the Canadian soldiers who took part in the liberation of the Netherlands 75 years ago. The bulbs were donated to honour the school’s contribution to the World War II effort. The building housed programs to train field-radio operators, design parts for wartime aircraft, and build arms such as the “Bren” gun.