Advocacy Projects

The HVRA has taken a lead role in a range of initiatives aimed at improving residents’ quality of life. This section contains a number of substantial reports and many photographs illustrating recent projects.

Net Zero Carbon Project

The Net Zero Carbon Project is based on the idea that the Harbord Village can be a leader in meeting the climate crisis.  We will offer incentives to switch to electric bikes and cars, and to retrofit our homes in various ways, so that we can all use less fossil fuel.

Cover of Harbord Village Green Plan, 2015Greening the Village

Read the Green Plan and follow its implementation. See ways the Harbord Village Gardeners are creating green spaces. Admire reports from the 2007-8 and the 2017-18 Tree Inventories—and notice the differences. Photos galore for all these projects.

Robert Street looking south to College, May 2016Development Issues

The HVRA helps residents deal with zoning issues, participates in City Planning studies and responds to major proposals like the ones for the Honest Ed’s site, the Spadina-Sussex residence, and the Central Tech dome. Documentation for both current and past projects is available.

Decorative brick and other Victorian features on house at 117 Robert StreetHeritage Conservation

Several blocks in Harbord Village are designated Heritage Conservation Areas. Read what that means, and enjoy the photos and descriptions. Learn about City grants, and download a free Handbook about preservation and renovation. Also take yourself on a Historic Walk using another free guide.


Boys in front of Lansdowne School 1953, photo supplied by Norman Cook, centre frontHarbord Village History

Read about ways we represent local history. See a description of our prize-winning Oral History project and follow a link to its separate website: over 80 interviews with people who lived here before 1975 and many intriguing old photos.

Traffic on Borden south of Ulster during College-Bathurst intersection closure, June 2016. Photo by Merrill Swain. Urban Issues

Besides advising residents on dealing with graffiti, noise, and traffic, HVRA has sponsored initiatives for park development, fire safety, laneway naming, and energy conservation. This section shows how they worked and what they achieved.