Margaret Procter

Covered webmaster work for Wendy Smith since 2013, Drupal site; officially HVRA Webmaster from April 2016: transferred Drupal content (edited, updated, reorganized) to WordPress site designed with help of Dandelion Web Design; assisted Regine Schmid as webmaster after November 2018, member of Webmaster team (with Nick Provart and Regine Schmid) after summer 2021, now also with Anne Stevens creating the Net Zero pages, using Block Editor after Fall 2022.

DATE CHANGE: Spring Cleanup now Sun. Ap. 23

Unfortunately, due to a very rainy weather forecast for Saturday April 22, the event has been moved to SUNDAY AT 10AM in Margaret Fairley Park.

We recognize that this change means that some people won’t be able to attend…but hopefully that number will be fewer than the people who would stay home altogether if we proceeded as scheduled during a deluge.

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