Major St. Honours Kensington Health

For almost three months from late March to late June, residents of Major Street spent 10 minutes every evening banging pots, marching and dancing — two metres apart, but close in spirit. During the summer months, the gatherings were held weekly on Wednesday evenings. All celebrated front-line workers for looking after us during the pandemic.

  • Wesley Chu’s one-minute video from June 5 captures the joyous informality of a typical occasion.

On two occasions, these nightly “serenades” became organized walks down the street to stand in front of the two longterm-care residences at the south end of the block. That brought our thanks right to the staff members whose hard work and devotion are being celebrated.

Here are a few photos from these two special events (click to see larger views). Rory Gus Sinclair leads the way as piper, followed at proper distances by several dozen neighbours. On the first walk, two fine horses and their police-officer riders joined the march.

May 30

April 25 (click to see full-size images)

  • For another local picture of staying strong and helping others during the pandemic, read the Globe and Mail first-person account by Mary Newberry about making masks from her late mother’s cotton dresses. That was her quarantine activity, along with her partner Gus and their houseguest Latif: “The Last of Mum’s Summer Dresses Have Been Turned into Masks.”