Other Local Groups

Harbord Village residents work together in many inventive ways to improve the neighbourhood. The notes below describe recreational and other opportunities provided by groups other than the HVRA. Links for more information are given where available; they will take you outside the HVRA website.

Families splashing in Central Tech poolCentral Tech Community Swim

The Central Tech pool is open to the public every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4 from late September to the May long weekend. Donations of $2 per person, accepted at the door, pay the lifeguards. Sections for lap swim, family fun, and diving. Everyone welcome! Inquire about booking kids’ parties. Where: Lennox and Lippincott, southeast of Bathurst, door 16. Contact: centraltechpool@gmail.com.


HVRA dragonboat team members Dragon Boat Team (Rusty Dragons)

From 2012, this team has won medals in the B Division of the Canada Day Regatta, and has given dozens of people a great deal of enjoyment. In weekly practices in May and June, you can go from never having sat in a dragon boat to racing on Canada Day. All are welcome: men and women of any age or ability, and young adults aged 14 and up. For current information and to sign up, go to the Rusty Dragons website and click on Harbord in the left sidebar.   

dancing in High Park (summer)English Country Dancing

This non-profit social dance group welcomes everybody to share the joy of traditional live music and dancing. Informal dances are held at Trinity/St. Paul’s or St. Stephen’s-in-the-Fields church on the second and fourth Fridays each month in the winter, and in High Park in the summer. No partner or dance experience is required, and fees are modest. Visit the Toronto English Country Dancers website to find out more.

Farmer's market with people and produce. Photo by Wendy Smith. Farmers’ Market

From early June until late October, Wednesdays 3-7 pm, in the Green P parking lot between Borden and Lippincott just south of Bloor; a Verified Local Farmers market. Buy real farm produce, including fruit, vegetables, meat, honey and baked goods. Meet your neighbours, enjoy musicians and kids’ games, and revel in the abundance of healthy food.

bienenstock-mfp-phase2-concept8-render09_tnFriends of Margaret Fairley Park

Several dozen parents have guided the renewal of our one local park, at Ulster and Brunswick, to make it an even better playground, green space, and location for community events. Read their blog about how they designed what they wanted, and join the new Facebook group for unfolding news of the results. You can also email the group at fmfpark@gmail.com.

Harbord Village Parents

This group generates a sense of community by forming bonds between Harbord Village residents who want their children to grow and flourish in the heart of downtown Toronto. They plan informal playdates, swap info on daycares and schools, and keep each other informed of great activities and camps, just to name a few connections. Sign up on Facebook to join in.