In-Street Planters: Planning Meeting 7-9pm, Thurs. Mar. 9, 25 Brunswick

In-street planters are coming to our neighbourhood! Hear more about the City’s plans to replace some of the concrete boxes at our street corners with in-ground plantings. Robert Mays (Toronto Transportation Department) will present innovative design concepts under consideration and outline the type of help local residents can give. If you live near one of our planter boxes and want to join the amazing cadre of neighbours who tend them, please come on March 9 (starting 7 pm, south building of Kensington Residence) and make your interest known. Something good and green and beautiful could come of it!

(NOTE: The meeting did lead to exciting plans for 2017-18. Read more on our Harbord Village Gardeners’ page.)

Harbord Village pinchpoint, 2015
Pinchpoint Robert and Russell. Photo from p.11 of Green Plan

The Robert Street residents who created the ground-level planting shown here showed how miniature gardens could serve as small units of traffic control. Now, as part of the HV Green Plan and in recognition of the great work of other neighbours who tend the existing concrete street planters, the City is offering new ideas to replace some of these boxes. Where neighbours show their commitment to ongoing planting and maintenance, the City will cut into the pavement, replace existing dirt with planting soil, and provide plant material. A few planter boxes will be replaced this year, with the possibility of additional replacements in future years.

See the Harbord Village Gardeners’ webpage for links to other gardening activities in the neighbourhood, and for an account of how Harbord Village got to be the “poster” area for the City’s efforts to replace concrete boxes.