Bike Lanes on Bloor: New Figures, Adjustments Coming

cyclist westbound on Bloor near St. George St.Read different takes about the Bloor Bike Lanes from the Toronto Star and the city Transportation Department, then respond to a city survey:

  1. The Toronto Star reports that the pilot project for separated bike lanes on Bloor has greatly increased the number of cyclists and made most motorists feel more comfortable driving alongside them. However, installation of the lanes also increased the driving time for morning and evening commutes.

2. The city Transportation Department collected this data in September and October 2016, and says the story does not reflect current conditions or city plans to adjust infrastructure for dealing with the problems noted.

A Transportion Department report dated Feb. 24, 2017 gives more detail:

  • The eastbound stretch between Bathurst and Brunswick is recognized as problematic for the morning rush hour. Adjustments will be made to traffic signals, signage, turn restrictions, and rules for parking and loading.
  • The next round of traffic data collection is scheduled for June 2017, and a final report on the pilot project will be presented in Fall 2017.
  • Meanwhile, the city is collecting public opinion through an online survey: What do you think of the Bloor Street Bike Lanes?