New Park Space at 666 Spadina

On 17 October 2017, Toronto and East York Community Council unanimously passed a rezoning application to add an 11-storey infill to the south of the “tower in a park” apartment building at 666 Spadina. As part of the rezoning package, Cromwell Developments agreed to cede the green space along Sussex to the City for a public park and will create a second park space along Sussex Mews Laneway, almost doubling the green space in Harbord Village.

Originally, the owners had proposed both flanks as townhouse infill.

In addition, a little more than half the $800,000 Section 37 moneys will contribute toward a 14-unit affordable housing infill for Native seniors at Wigwamen, on Spadina just north of Bloor. The remainder will go to greening in Harbord Village.

The project was a model of collaborative planning, between Cromwell, Phil Levine, various City departments, including Parks, Planning, Urban Design, Legal, under the firm direction of Councillor Cressy, Lia Brewer and staff.

The rezoning application now moves to City Council.

Councillor Cressy also brought forward a motion granting status to HVRA through various stages of site plan approval and construction management. This motion also passed unanimously.