Kensington Gardens Takes On COVID-19

A Feb. 21 Toronto Star story about Kensington Gardens longterm-care residences showcases the strength and creativity of staff, families, and residents. These are the people we banged pots for in the springtime, and for whom neighbour Jackie Brown recently set up a fundraiser page. It’s a touching and encouraging article about an important institution in Harbord Village. Let’s keep showing our support!

Reporter Amy Dempsey adds another type of praise for Kensington Health in her Twitter feed when she outlines how open the management team was to her investigations:

This photo by Toronto Star photographer Rene Johnson shows resident Philip Simone and his wife Janet Fothergill, with Major St. houses visible through the window. The story contains many more striking images of people and activities. Visit it here.

Kensington Gardens resident and family member Feb. 2021
Photo by Rene Johnston for the Toronto Star