HVRA-ARA Joint Statement on Bill 23

The day after the municipal election, the provincial government announced its intention to bring forward a bill that demolished planning, heritage, conservation and the greenbelt protections that have been in place for decades. It is designed to create new housing, not the rental accommodations we need. It gives no guarantee the price of a house will be affordable. It will create sprawl, where in the past agricultural lands have been protected.

Concerned residents, associations, legal and environmental organizations, and planners are appalled. Mayor Tory announced the bill would cost Toronto taxpayers $200,000,000 – in a city where the budget hole is $857,000,000.

HVRA has joined with the Annex Residents’ Association to analyze Bill 23, and what underlies the provincial government’s eagerness to upend official plans and environmental protections. The answer: incentives and relief for the development industry at the cost of the entire rental sector. See the analysis here which includes a link where you can submit your own comments on the proposed legislation.

Bill 23 report card

A report card of this proposed legislation.