Recording of the HV Homeowners’ panel, Tues. Dec. 13

We’re facing a climate emergency and need urgently to reduce our carbon footprint. The good news is that there are a host of great new technologies to help. For old houses, like the ones that dominate Harbord Village, the journey towards NetZero emissions can seem daunting. Retrofitting century homes presents particular challenges — but we can do it!

To point the way, the Harbord Village NetZero Committee is hosting an online panel discussion with three homeowners from Harbord Village who have retrofitted their century homes to lower their carbon footprint. Let’s learn from their experience. How did they go about it? What particular challenges did they face, and how did they solve them? Would they do anything differently, and what advice do they have for their neighbours?

Panelists will outline what their upgrades entailed and take questions from the audience to help you understand what is possible for your home and how you can go about achieving it. Learn from neighbours who are leading the way!

If you couldn’t join the excellent live session, catch the webinar recording.