Pedal Power Fair – Sat. Sept. 25, noon to 4pm (view photos!)

Concerned that 38% of Toronto’s carbon emissions come from transportation? Thinking about ways to lower your carbon footprint? Want to use your car less, but not up for cycling everywhere?

On September 25, 2021, HVRA’s Net Zero committee hosted The Harbord Village Power Pedal Fair to introduce electric-assist bicycle technology to people. This innovative technology has taken off in Europe but is still relatively new here. In a nutshell, electric assist bikes work like regular bikes, but have the option of an electric assist — the result is an ease of cycling that allows far more people to use active transport instead of driving. They are also a lot of fun.

Three of our local cycle shops participated, Curbside Cycle, Sweet Pete’s and The Urbane Cyclist. Each brought different kinds of bikes — from collapsing bikes that can be carried in one hand, to cargo bikes that can haul stuff (or people!), and everything in between. We also had a company that rents electric-assist bikes (by the month or year), Zygg.

People could examine the bikes, ask questions, and take them for a spin around the block. Before the rain cut the fair short, over ninety people had the chance to ask questions and actually feel what it is like to use these bikes. There were a lot of smiles and cries of delight. A big thanks goes to our Councillor Mike Layton for his support.

Everyone was so happy with the event that we hope to host another next year. It was fun but, more importantly, it succeeded in demonstrating how viable this alternative form of transportation could be for a wide range of people. The reality is that we are facing a climate emergency and we all need to figure out how we can change our lives to reduce our carbon footprint. For many people who rely on a car to get groceries, deliver kids to activities, or even get to work or socialize, and electric-assist bike could be the perfect alternative.

Lots of people came out, and clearly they had a good time!

HVRA poster for eBike Fair 25Sept2021