Donate to HVRA Tree RE-Inventory

For the completed inventory and subsequent news, see our Treeing Harbord Village webpage.

stuidents for 2017 HVRA tree inventoryDoes Harbord Village really have good tree coverage? Two summer students are re-doing the 2007 Tree Inventory to find out. You may have seen Christian Rempe and Nicole Pinto out measuring trees and making notes. In spite of the rainy summer, by early July they have made good progress. The U of T Forestry Department is supervising them, and a federal summer-job grant and residual funds from the HVRA Tree Inventory account support their work.

However, more funding is still needed so they can complete the re-inventory. Please help!

The Toronto Lions Club has offered to issue tax receipts for donations over $30. Please make out a cheque to Lions Club of Toronto Central, with HVRA Tree Inventory” in the memo line. Drop off your cheque to HVRA Chair Gus Sinclair at 133 Major St., or mail it to PO Box 68522, 360A Bloor St. W., Toronto ON M5S 1X1.