Agreement Reached for Patio at 356 College St.

HVRA has a long history of helping businesses connect with neighbours—and of producing thriving patios that are good neighbours.

Sidewalk patios in Harbord Village always tug at different needs and interests of business owners/clients and of the neighbourhood. After all, sidewalk patios are on public property. This is even more acute on flanking patios that run into the neighbourhood on side streets.

After much effort together with Councillor Layton, the City Staff denial of a patio at 356 College (at the corner of Brunswick) was conditionally overturned with a motion at Community Council on May 22, 2019. To view the full set of conditions, see the YouTube feed of that moment.

Most conditions are in line with those for other flanking patios in the neighbourhood, while some reflect other bylaw requirements. For instance, a small adjustment to the patio was needed to allow for the 2.1m clearway required for the sidewalk. The patio space will be a shared public space off-season. Equally exciting are the greening opportunities in the Brunswick layby zone and in other areas.

Thanks to Councillor Layton for his help, and bonne chance to Alex Lau and LeTAO Sweets.  We’ll see you there for some cheesecake!

Contributed by Robert Stambula, HVRA Planning and Development Committee