Free Trees, Shrubs and Plants! HV Tree and Plant Fairs: Sun. June 2, 1-3pm, 25 Brunswick

Come to the south patio at 25 Brunswick on Sun. June 2, 1-3pm to pick up your pre-ordered tree from the City-supported program TreeForMe, and also to enjoy the fifth annual Harbord Village Plant Fair. Both events are organized and staffed by volunteers from the Harbord Village Gardeners’ group.

  • Our recent tree inventory (described here) shows that we’ve lost 25% of our tree canopy since 2008. To keep our neighbourhood healthy as well as beautiful, we need to plant new trees as well as maintain the ones we still have. The Toronto agency Tree For Me offers just the help we need: free trees and shrubs, education on how to care for them, and the chance to join other areas in greening the city. Almost 120 trees and shrubs have been pre-ordered for pickup at this event.
  • The yearly Harbord Village Plant Fair gives away plants provided by local donors, and brings people together to discuss ideas and questions about gardening. Bring any extra plants or equipment to share, and look around at what others have donated to choose a free plant or two to take home. It’s a time to celebrate the growing season!

poster for 2019 Harbord Village Tree For Me eventThe request process for free trees and shrubs (two per property) was conducted online via the TreeForMe website, including a selection guide and registration for pickup. All trees and shrubs are native species, suitable for city life, and small enough to carry home easily and plant on your own. Shrubs will do well in mid-size containers if watered regularly.

  • Renters need only to ask their landlords for permission to plant a tree or a couple of shrubs, and promise to water them until they get established.
  • Help with pickup and planting is available on special request via the TreeForMe page.
  • Please encourage your neighbours to plant trees and shrubs on their property too. That will beautify the neighbourhood and also help clean the air and soak up stormwater runoff. We all benefit!

NOTE: These trees and shrubs are meant for planting on private property. If you want a free tree for your front yard (which in Harbord Village is nearly always city property), visit the City’s Tree-Planting page or call 311 and make a request. See also for more information about other City programs in support of tree-planting.

NOTE2: In September 2019, the City announced that Funding for the TreeForMe program had been transferred to the Urban Forestry section of the Toronto Department of Parks, Forestry, and Recreation. See their page at They have posted guidelines for future community tree-giveaway events: see


poster for HVRA 2019 Plant Fair