Serenade Our Healthcare Providers

You may have heard strange noises outside recently. Groups of neighbours step out on their porches or sidewalks every evening at 7:30pm (keeping the required 2-metre distance from each other) to bang on pots or make music. It’s a way of honouring the healthcare workers who put themselves at risk to keep us safe.

The photos below come from Major at Ulster and Robert at Russell. What’s happening on your block? Join in or start something!

Harbord Village resident Carolyn Franke is one of the reasons people are doing this. As a nurse at Toronto Western Hospital, she now spends her days screening and swabbing Family Health Team patients for coronavirus. She says the work is hard, but morale is high: “I want to assure people there’s nothing I and my colleagues would rather be doing; how wonderful to feel one could actually make a difference in this crisis. And all of you are making a difference too, keeping spirits up, keeping the community in touch with each other, making sure everyone knows their neighbours care.” Thanks, Carolyn, and all your colleagues!