Recording now available — Free online talk: “Jumping worms in Canada: Coming soon to a garden near you…?”

NOTE: The recording of Michael McTavish’s informative and enlightening talk from May 31, 2022, is now available at

INVITATION: Don’t try to run or hide! The arrival of invasive jumping worms means we shouldn’t share plants this year, but we can slow the worms’ spread once we know more about them. Michael McTavish from Sandy Smith’s lab at U of T has agreed to speak to Harbord Village Gardeners (and their friends and neighbours) about this new threat to gardens, parks and forests and what we can do about it. He is interested in our questions and concerns and may want to enrol us as citizen scientists to help gather more knowledge later this summer, once the nearly invisible cocoons that may now be in our soils have hatched.

To register for this free one-hour session, write with the subject line “Talk on Jumping Worms.” Your message will go only to the list moderator Margaret Procter, and you will receive the Zoom link the day before the talk. Feel free to invite others to register in the same way.