Deterring Wrong-Way Drivers? Engineering Students Share Ideas

ACTION: Tuesday June 12 is car-counting day in Harbord Village. Residents will watch at problem intersections from 7 to 10 am, and from 3 to 7 pm, recording counts of vehicles, wrong-way vehicles, and failures to stop at stop signs. If you want to volunteer, contact the Transportation Committee at by Friday June 8. The Committee will supply forms and collate the information gathered. 

Once again, Harbord Village is benefitting from a project in a first-year Engineering Design course. Six students have generated ideas for reducing wrong-way driving on our one-way streets and given us their very thorough report to encourage us to take action.

They offered three potential solutions. Within the most cost-effective one, two practical components stand out. One is better signage, which would include lowering street signs to allow better visibility, and also painting arrows on the pavement. The other component is more community involvement through reporting wrong-way driving either to 311 or 416-808-2222 (the non-emergency line for Police 14 Division). There’s also an online form for registering complaints about driving infractions.

To get the City to consider changes in signage, we will need to provide data on the number of wrong-way drivers on our streets. Doing so will take volunteers to actually watch intersections on a particular day. The HVRA Transportation Committee thinks this idea is worth considering and would welcome a discussion of it in the caucus meetings at the Spring Meeting on 16 May. Mail the Transportation Committee if you’re interested in participating.

The students’ 58-page report is available as a PDF file on our site.

Thanks go to Sujay Kumar, Athbi Alfadhli, Jasmeen Parmar, Marc Salama, Edrianne-Alexa Tumaneng, and YangYang Chen.