Construction of in-street planters set to begin Nov. 8

Our new in-street planters are coming soon! This HVRA/City collaboration implements a key component of the Harbord Village Green Plan. The City will remove the concrete planters that form part of our traffic maze and construct in-ground replacements. The goal is to improve traffic management, enhance stormwater management, and create a more beautiful streetscape. The project will take two years. This year (yes, 2018), construction is scheduled at four intersections: Borden and LennoxMajor and SussexMajor and Ulster, and Borden and Ulster. (Click on any of those items to see the City’s detailed plans for each one.)

You can now see the footprint of the in-street planters at these intersections. Look for the bright orange dots on the asphalt—a good sign that work will soon begin.

If all goes well, construction will begin on Thursday, Nov. 8 and be complete by the end of the month. The contractor will remove the existing concrete planters, cut into the asphalt (following those orange dots), build curb-level extensions (again, follow the dots), replace existing dirt with planting soil, and plant a lovely shade tree and surrounding shrubs in each planter. Either this fall or next spring, our planter gardeners (bless them) will supplement with plants they have salvaged from the existing concrete planters.

It will be busy and perhaps a bit chaotic over the next while as these intersections are transformed into safe, environmentally sound and attractive features of our neighbourhood infrastructure. Please be patient and cautious as you navigate the construction areas.

For your interest, detailed plans for each of the intersections are available here. For background and more detail, visit the Gardeners’ page of the HVRA website or contact Jennette Boehmer, the member of Harbord Village Gardeners who coordinated planning with the City.