Clear Our Sidewalks! HVRA speaker tells Budget Committee

On Feb. 7, HVRA Board Member Bob Stambula made people listen when he told City Budget Committee about uncleared sidewalks in our area. Downtowners pay the same taxes as suburban residents, but we don’t get our sidewalks plowed by the city, even though we have more pedestrians.

Tax rates are the same, but snow clearing is not! !  Why are the most used sidewalks… the least cared for?

Many people are trapped inside by unsafe conditions. Calling 311 to complain of uncleared patches may get city crews to investigate—within three weeks! The city pays out millions of dollars yearly in liability claims for falls on snow and ice. Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay for snow clearing?

See Bob’s dramatic slides here, and watch for media interest, as in these stories mentioning his presentation:

On Feb. 5, the mayor called for a review of snow-removal services, citing the large number of messages from residents expressing distress and frustration.

However, downtown snow-plowing is not yet in the 2019-20 budget.

One more thing you can do: If you have called 311 or emailed and not received a satisfactory answer, the City Ombudsman invites you to describe the issues to her. See her website for a statement on monitoring snow-removal concerns and an online complaint form.