City to Clear ALL Sidewalks Next Winter

After much urging from HVRA, the city is planning to clear your sidewalk next winter — just like in the rest of the city. A recent article from the Toronto Star quotes HVRA Board member Bob Stambula:

Robert Stambula of the Harbord Village Residents Association welcomed with relief news that he won’t again have to argue for an end to the situation where even one resident failing to shovel can create a big hazard for many.

“It was tough slugging by a lot of communities, a lot of voices, and it remedies a long-outstanding problem for anyone with a mobility issue, parents with strollers and seniors who will no longer be boxed in,” he said in an interview.

“Finally the most used sidewalks in the city — the downtown sidewalks — are going to be accessible in the wintertime, so we’re thrilled.”

Read more about Bob’s letters and speeches to Toronto City Council in previous website stories at

(A number of our stories use this dramatic photograph from the City of Toronto archives, taken by Toronto Star photographer William James of Major Street. Here it is full-size, with the archival identification along the bottom edge. The tall apartment building at 666 Spadina has replaced the handsome houses and boulevard trees, but the tower of Knox Presbyterian Church [end of the row] remains.)

1917 photo of snowy sidewalk on Spadina Ave
Spadina looking south to Harbord, 1917; well-shovelled wide sidewalk with piles of snow on boulevard and lawns.