Bringing Down the Brunswick House

drawing of Brunswick House
Cover of 1975 book, Toronto, We Love You… “The Brunswick House” by Robert McInnis

Could the Brunswick House have survived as a music venue? For Now Magazine, Richard Longley narrates its history since 1874. He outlines its glory years as sponsor of top performers in Albert’s Hall, and also describes the “vomit pit” downstairs and its effect on neighbouring residents. The story notes that HVRA has just given a Community Builder award to the building owner Larry Sdao for ending the pub’s lease. Now the building is a showpiece of heritage restoration, but its cultural contribution as a Rexall’s is much less exciting than its previous life. The building has been restored, but Longley asks whether the heritage ethic has been fully respected. Read the story and see photos in the May 18-24 Now Magazine. A related article sketches the stories of six other heritage restorations (the good, the bad and the ugly).