Now We Have over 400 Survey Answers and Many Pizza Winners!

UPDATE: As of Sept. 13, we’ve received over 400 responses to the survey that will help guide the NetZero Project — and there’s still time for more!

Jane Nagai won a pizza for taking the NetZero Carbon survey
Jane Nagai

Interest is increasing! If you haven’t sent in your input yet, please click now on this link.

Congratulations to the mid-June winners of a free pizza from the Victory Café on Bloor Street! They are Rachel Dubé, Phil Johnston, Jane Nagai and Nili Benazon. All four have now claimed, consumed and declared that their pizza was delicious!

If you haven’t yet taken the 10 minutes one needs to fill out our survey on transportation choices and home energy retrofits, there’s still time. Here is the link to the survey: 

Phil Johnston won a pizza for taking the NetZero Carbon survey
Phil Johnston
Rachel Dube won a pizza for taking the NetZero Carbon survey
Rachel Dubé

May 12 Note by David Booz and Margaret Craig-Bourdin

Since the launch in late April of our critically important survey about neighbourhood transportation needs and home energy use, more than 100 residents [and hundreds more since then] have taken the time to fill it out. On average, they spent 11 minutes completing the survey.

The survey is one of the first steps in a wide-ranging project that the HVRA has undertaken to help us reduce our carbon emissions at a local level. It is important because we need to know more about our neighbourhood’s transportation needs and home energy use to better plan how we can address the specific needs of Harbord Village. But we need a minimum of 500 respondents in order to properly plan the next steps. If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to complete our online survey.

Take the survey. Click on the link or go to 

As an incentive, each person who completes the survey will have the chance to win a free pizza from the Victory Café on Bloor Street. Once we reach the threshold of 500 completed surveys, we’ll know how to better promote electric bikes and cars, and for homeowners, which home energy upgrades are considered most important.

To learn more about the ambitious plans of HVRA’s NetZero committee, click here.