2020 Annual General Meeting, Thurs. Oct. 22, 7-9pm

Join us for our first online AGM! Agenda includes financial and other reports, election of 2020–21 area representatives and board (see the list below), Q&A with Ward 11 Councillor Mike Layton and MPP Jessica Bell, and area caucuses to address local issues. We will also honour this year’s Community Builder Award winners.

Meet your neighbours, find out what’s happening in your community, contribute and be involved. All are welcome to attend, but only paid-up HVRA members can vote – so be sure to renew before the meeting! (Check your membership status here – and invite your neighbours to join!)

Board and Area Reps you’ll be asked to vote on

CHAIR: Anne Fleming has lived on Borden with her family since 1997. She is a communications consultant and writes for or edits many community newsletters and blogs, including the HVRA eblast.  She is current Chair of the Fall Fair committee and has also volunteered at the Pumpkinfest. Anne dedicated 14 years to the School Council at King Edward, including three as Chair.  She is a certified fitness instructor and a recovering lawyer.


SECRETARY: Suzanne Dubeau has lived on Borden Street with her partner, David Booz, since 2001. She recently retired from her position as an archivist at the Clara Thomas Archives at York University after some 21+ years and is looking forward to working with the HVRA team during the year ahead.

TREASURER: Lena Mortensen has been a resident of Harbord Village for 14 years.  She and her family first moved to Robert Street as renters and then became homeowners of the house next door. Lena is an anthropologist and teaches at the University of Toronto (based at Scarborough campus). She joined the Board in 2016 as an Area Representative for the South East, is the co-coordinator of the Pumpkinfest, and has served as the Treasurer since 2018.

WEBMASTER: Regine Schmid has lived on Robert Street for 26 years. She works in film and organizes on social justice issues. Regine came to the HVRA Board in 2016 as an Area Rep for the North East. She’s the HVRA Webmaster and is on the Communications Committee.


U OF T LIAISON: Sue Dexter has been on the HVRA Board since its inception.  She is passionate about the need to combat climate change and was among the earliest adopters of solar power in the City. Sue has been active in getting parts of the neighbourhood designated as Heritage Conservation Districts; has been the U of T Liaison; is a major communicator to our area Councillor’s office; was the driving force in formulating the Green Plan for our neighbourhood, and is on the Planning & Development Committee of the Board.

Bios for those standing for election from the Area Caucuses. (To confirm which area you’re in, consult our map of the five HV Areas):

NORTH EAST AREA REPRESENTATIVES (2 to be elected by the NE caucus):

  • Nicholas Provart has lived in Harbord Village since 2016, when he and his wife Marika Cooper, purchased the house that his father-in-law’s family owned from 1942-1959 on Sussex Ave. He’s a professor of biology at the University of Toronto, and has been interested in local issues since campaigning for bike lanes on the Spadina Avenue redesign in 1992.  Nick has been the North East Area Rep since 2018, and as such, has been actively involved in the park design of the Sussex-Spadina U of T residence project.
  • Carolee Orme moved into Harbord Village in 2011. She joined the Board in 2013 as the North East Area Rep, and serves on the Planning & Development Committee.  As well, she chairs HVRA’s Safe Streets Committee, where she is working to create a safer and more welcoming neighbourhood for pedestrians and cyclists.

NORTH WEST AREA REPRESENTATIVES (2 to be elected by the NW caucus):

  • Christian Mueller has been a Harbord Villager since 1986 and an HVRA Board member (North West Area Rep) since 2012. While on the Board, Christian has been active primarily in helping to organize several community events — Fall Fair, Pumpkinfest, and Yard Sale — as well as working on the Membership Committee.
  • Shafeeq Armstrong and his partner, Niki, have lived in Harbord Village, on Sussex Ave, since 2019. He currently works as health program developer with Special Olympics Ontario. Shafeeq has a Masters of Public Health from U of T, and is passionate about community development, including addressing issues that impact public and urban health.

SOUTH EAST AREA REPRESENTATIVES (2 to be elected by the SE caucus):

  • Cathy Merkley and her family have been residents in Harbord Village for over 12 years. Always seeking to add more beautiful plants and trees to the area, Cathy oversaw the installation of a green roof on top of the building adjacent to their home.  She has served on the board as an Area Representative for the South East for three years.
  • Writer and editor Gina Buonaguro and her husband have lived on Robert Street since 2003. They now have two children who attend school and play in the area. In fact, her son’s neighbourhood outdoor social activities were the impetus for her to spearhead the installation of speed humps on Robert from Willcocks to Harbord. An active member of the Harbord Village Facebook groups, Gina is most interested in neighbourhood road safety and parenting issues.

SOUTH CENTRAL AREA REPRESENTATIVES (2 to be elected by the SC caucus):

  • Simon Coleman has been living in Harbord Village for ten years, having moved here with his family from England, and was delighted to find a home in such a friendly neighbourhood. Simon is an anthropologist at University of Toronto, and one of his areas of interest is urban infrastructure. Over the years Simon has volunteered at the Fall Fair and Pumpkinfest, and is a keen advocate of cycling. Simon is on the HVRA Membership Committee and the Community Resilience Planning Committee.
  • Susan McDonald has lived in Harbord Village for over 30 years.  She retired after working as a Senior Administrator at the University of Toronto for 35 years. She is interested in architecture, urbanism and environmental issues.  Susan joined the Board in 2019 and has attended to local issues such as a disruptive Air BnB.

SOUTH WEST AREA REPRESENTATIVES (2 to be elected by the SW caucus):

  • Jane Perdue has lived in Harbord Village for over 25 years. She is a senior urban designer/planner with the City of Toronto. Jane has been an HVRA Board member for 12 years, representing the South West area, and has worked with the community on the HVRA Green Plan and Croft Greening.
  • Bob Stambula, a South West Area Rep, is a home-grown member of the Board… born at the former Doctors’ Hospital… but on Lippincott for 18 years.  Bob’s been active on the Planning & Development Committee and with pedestrian/patio issues.