Development Issues

Ward 20 is undergoing exponential development, and it’s moving north into Harbord Village. The City is undertaking huge planning studies, but our area is already under pressure from large property holders such as the University of Toronto, and also from individual owners. The City of Toronto Official Plan allows for intensification where suitable, but requires residents to be consulted on development plans that will affect them.

The HVRA Planning and Development Committee seeks to ensure that proper processes are followed for development in our area, and that the stability of the neighbourhood—a pillar of the Official Plan—is maintained.

screen capture of City zoning bylawZoning and HVRA

The principles and methods by which HVRA helps residents respond to small and large development proposals, whether for an addition to a neighbour’s house or a tall building on a main street.

sign beside doorway at Her Father's Cider BarConflict Resolution Protocols

Examples where HVRA has helped residents improve relationships with local businesses, including a specific agreement for a restaurant patio.

Map of St. George Campus showing areas for secondary development plansCurrent Planning Studies

Information about large-scale studies in which HVRA is participating, from both City Planning and the University of Toronto, with links to their documentation and invitations for response. (See the page Past Development Issues for completed studies and their outcomes.)

sketch of 666 Spadina planDevelopment Plans

This page provides links to relevant documents and websites with detailed information about current development projects. Read about the Honest Ed’s project and the proposal for 666 Spadina. The Spadina-Sussex residence has its own page.

view of Central Tech tower and domePast Development Issues

This page shows past studies and completed projects. Read about HVRA contributions to TOCore, OMB reform, the Central Tech Playing Field, the 2005 College Street revitalization—and more. Links lead to PDF pages and external websites.