Electric Bikes

A promotion with local retailers

ebike with rear carrier


The HVRA Net Zero committee has launched a promotion of pedal-assist “e-bikes.” E-bikes work like regular bicycles, but the pedal-assist allows riders to travel further with less effort. As such, e-bikes provide an alternative to driving in many different scenarios.

While popular in many cities around the world, e-bikes are still new in Toronto. They have the potential to play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions by serving as an alternative form of transportation for a wide range of riders and needs. For people who rely on a car to run an errand, transport children or commute to work and social engagements, an e-bike could be a perfect alternative. Whether you are interested in retrofitting your current bike, renting one for a month or two, or taking the plunge to buy your own, there are plenty of options.

Watch one Harbord Villager describe why he loves his electric bike so much.

We’ve made a shortlist of the most popular e-bikes with four local bike retailers listed below. There is a range of commuter, cargo and folding e-bikes depending on your needs. Because their supply chains remain tight, please keep in mind the retailers are only able to offer discounts on accessories and/or maintenance. Please ask a store about other models of a particular brand or type of e-bike. We encourage you to research the e-bike models you are most interested in.

When you contact any of the below listed retailers, mention the code “HarbordVillage2022” for discounts on accessories and/or maintenance.

You don’t need to live in Harbord Village to participate!


logo for Sweet Pete's ebike company

Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop

Make and model Price
Velec Citi 350 (commuter e-bike) $2,999 View Online
Momentum Lafree E+ commuter e-bike) $2,759 View online


logo for Urbane Cyclist ebike company

The Urbane Cyclist

Make and model Price
Marin Stinson Electric ST (commuter e-bike) $1,999 View online
Tern GSD S10 LX 500 (cargo e-bike)
Product video
$8,199 View online


logo for Pedalinx Bike Shop

Pedalinx Bike Shop

Make and model Price
Specialized Como (commuter e-bike) $3,899 – $4,139 View online
Specialized Turbo Vado (commuter e-bike) $4,149 View online


logo for Curbside Cycle bike company

Curbside Cycle

Make and model Price
Brompton Electric M6L (folding e-bike) $5,020 View online
Babboe City Mountain – Yamaha (cargo e-bike) $7,299 View online



Conversion Kit

Swytch Bike

This UK-company manufactures their kits in China. Expect 16-24 weeks for delivery and a cost of C$800. Their kit includes a new front wheel and a battery/control pack that fastens to the handlebars. Purchasers can expect to travel up to 37 km on a single charge. It is not as efficient as a regular e-bike.



Zygg is a Toronto-based e-bike company that offers monthly subscription electric bikes as-a-service.

Happy Fiets

Happy Fiets Canada is a small business offering year-round rental of cargo and family bikes in Toronto.