Greening the Village

Our downtown area has almost no park access, and our houses are close together—but we certainly care about green spaces. Some of our most ambitious projects focus on improving the natural habitat we share. In 2016, the HVRA Board created an Environment Committee to support and coordinate ongoing work. Click on the links below for notes, photos, and documents from current plans and activities.

Harbord Village Green Plan

Improvised planter box in Allan Powell LaneWe have our own official Plan, a document outlining ways to improve neglected public spaces such as laneways and paved boulevards. It’s not just a plan, either. See how our laneways have become greener and our concrete planters have turned into small garden plots.

Harbord Village Gardeners

collage by Lydia Wong: pollinator-friendly flowersThis informal network of local garden-lovers holds a yearly Plant Fair, sponsors Garden Strolls and guided walks in the summer, and helps keep the city’s street planters full of green plants and trees. It also offers informative talks and advice on gardening issues. Read about its activities, sign up to receive its e-newsletters, and enjoy a page of photos.

Treeing the Village

2007 traning for HVRA tree inventoryHVRA has sponsored two complete formal inventories to map and analyse all the trees in the area. We also apply that knowledge to maintaining and renewing our valuable tree canopy. Browse the reports, view the photos, see the progression of activities.