HVRA objects to changes to TOcore plan (now with video link)


You may have read about the changes the provincial government, without consultations, is about to impose on the TOcore Plan. This Toronto Star article details these changes and provides some context.

HVRA requests that the Ministerial decision to amend the TOcore official plan be withheld until consultation and review by the City of Toronto and its residents can take place.

Read our intervention here and watch the June 8th press conference: Downtown & Midtown Councillors and Residents speak about the unilateral changes to the City’s Official Plan, TOcore. Look out for HVRA’s Gus Sinclair, starting at 10:35 mins.

Already, on May 31st, 2019, HVRA together with seven other Toronto Residents’ Associations reacted to the Provincial Bill 108 and to Proposed Changes to the Planning Act, the Development Charges Act, and the Ontario Heritage Act. Read our submission here.

For more on these issues and HVRA’s involvement in planning processes, see our Development pages, especially Past Development Issues on TOcore.